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What To Avoid When Taking a Blood Thinner

Over-imbibing can affect how quickly your blood clots and can increase your chances of falling. Even a simple fall can give you a nasty bruise or could even cause internal bleeding. Warfarin (Jantoven) is a commonly used blood thinner (a coumarin oral anticoagulant). It is used to prevent or treat blood clots in veins, arteries, […]

Contact MASH Certified Sober House

Homeless people, he said, are vulnerable to very hot and very cold weather not only because they live outside, but they often can’t regulate body temperature due to medication for mental illness or high blood pressure, or because of street substance use. Dr. Liz Frye, vice chair of the Street Medicine Institute that provides training to hundreds […]

NCDAS: Substance Abuse and Addiction Statistics 2023

Drugs that are considered “gateway drugs” (that is, substances that are often precursors to abuse of other, possibly more dangerous drugs) or deemed a public health risk may also be listed under Schedule I. The second pathway involved in the biological stress response is the autonomic nervous system, comprising the sympathetic and the parasympathetic components. […]

Sober living